Founder & Curator
Richard Kriheli

Creative Direction
Liquidboy Labs

Public Relations
Keneritz Media PR

Submission Engine

Fiction Editor
Shanae Brown

Poetry Editor
Joseph Allgren

William Creedle
Everett Maroon
Shahnaz Mohammad
J.A. Pak
Mad Pigeon
Kendall Williams

SPLIT is an experiment in digital publishing designed to showcase emerging talent in the art of storytelling. We are focused on the advancement of the literary arts and seek to break the predictable trends of traditional publishing. It is said that in order to actualize change, a split from routine must be in order.

We are the SPLIT.

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We recognize that SPLIT would be nothing without the extraordinary contributions from:
John Abbott, David Atkinson, Vince Beauchemin, Eleanor Bennett, Briana Boyer, Randall Brown, Rona Chang, Will Creedle, Matthew Dexter, Jim Eigo, Berit Ellingsen, Dan Encarnacion, Joe Flood, Hugh Fox, Chris Galvin, Peter Hajinian, Michelle Han, William Henderson, Elsa Kawai, Arlene Kim, Malathip Kriheli, Damon Landry, Laura Lehew, Everett Maroon, Cassie McDaniel, Brian Mihok, Holly Mitchell, Heather O’Neill, J.A. Pak, Nathan Pettigrew, Joe Pimentel, Andrew Porter, Tony Rauch, Jacob Ritari, Emily Severance, Michael Shou-Yung Shum, Jaime Alexis Stathis, D.E. Steward, Ian Wallace, Jonathan Wei, Nicholas Wong and Sheri Wright