Autant De Violence Que De Tendresse

Vince Beauchemin

Vince was born in 1978 during a severe snowstorm in Québec. Around the age of twenty, his body stopped growing and he began to paint. While working as a long-distance trucker, Vince took up Fine Arts at the University of Québec in Montréal. He worked and studied – a trucker and an arts student – for five years, until he completed his B.A. in Fine Arts. The trucking continued for two more years, his path one rotten neighbourhood after the next. In his down time, Vince began drawing people he met on the road. At home, his drawings found new life as paintings. It’s been some time since Vince has toiled as a trucker. His canvasses have appeared in several collections and solo exhibitions, from Shanghai to New York. His studio is located in Montréal. Vince continues to draw people he encounters.
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© Vince Beauchemin

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