A Comprehensive Relativistic Theory Alternative to the Dark Matter Paradigm


Laura LeHew

Laura LeHew is an award winning poet with a myriad of work appearing in journals and anthologies such as the Ambush Review, Anobium, Collecting Life: Poets on Objects Known and Imagined, Eleven Eleven, Filling Station, PANK, and Slice. Forthcoming: It’s Always Night, It Always Rains, fall 2012 (Winterhawk Press) and Willingly Would I Burn, spring 2013 (MoonPath Press). Beauty (Tiger’s Eye Press) is in its 3rd printing. Laura received her MFA in writing from CCA, writing residencies from Soapstone and the Montana Artists Refuge and interned for CALYX Journal. She writes, edits and sharpens her claws in Eugene, Oregon.

+ Uttered Chaos

it started slowly without screams
it slept in luminous taffeta
it started with an annoying bird—
a persistent cat
shattering symmetry

impaled beneath me
the galaxy speaks strangely
an ocean of scars
his eyes are fire or
a pipe dream

interrupted violence
goes unpunished
floods through temptation
needle, glass, flame
the treachery of abandonment

I should have noticed
the uninterrupted moment
when it would be worse when
we would become
all the emptiness of stars

© Laura Lehew

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